About Company

Nippon International is a reputed general trading company based out of Dubai, UAE. Established in the year 1999 as Nippon Auto Spare Parts LLC, the company in its initial years focused mainly on offering high quality, cost effective auto spare parts to our customers. Over the years, the company expanded into various other fields of business and eventually evolved into present day Nippon International General Trading LLC. Presently, Nippon International is involved in domestic as well as international trading activities for a wide range of products across various industry segments such as auto parts, vehicle diagnostic systems, LED lights and supermarket supplies including global food stuff.

We also offers buying house and sourcing solutions to our clients through strategic partnerships in China and Far East. Our services include supplier selection, quality control, inspection and shipment facilitation.

Our auto spare parts factory in Kundali, India.

Our Mission

To provide top quality general trading products to our customers at affordable prices AND to follow it up with excellent support & service as and when required by them. We believe in creating long lasting, successful relationships based on mutual trust. Above all, we continually strive to improve ourselves so as to make it a memorable experience for anyone to do business with us.

Our vision is to be the leading general trading company in UAE and ultimately to stand out among the top general trade businesses across the globe.

CSR: As our modest contribution towards fulfilling our share of corporate social responsibility, we are dedicated to a very special cause that is dear to all the members of Team Nippon. A part of the group’s profits are pledged towards VERSHA SAWHNEY MEMORIAL TRUST for research and treatment of cancer and allied diseases. This institution will dedicate its resources to research as well as to provide free / subsidized medical services to those who are not fortunate enough to afford the same otherwise.